I am not a make-up expert. I will go ahead and say it, I am just a normal woman, who likes to look pretty and find the best ways to accentuate my assets and hide my flaws. My passion for make-up has grown more since I got out of college and started my career in television. Although, I  believe it all started growing up in small town Plant City. Going to high-school was a task because of the unspeakable amounts of eyeshadow that I just HAD to wear. In Plant City, wearing a lot of make-up was a way of life. I never knew any different. That is, until I moved to Tampa and learned that there is a lot more to make-up than eyeshadow and black eye-liner. I knew I had to learn the proper way to use the products that I loved.

A little less than a year ago I was asked to start being on-camera for CW44, and I went into make-up overdrive. I needed to find the best way to apply the proper amount of make-up and exactly how to do it. After a short period of time I noticed a huge difference, taking just a few extra minutes a day can make all the difference. I know applying make-up can sometimes seem daunting or a waste of time, but it’s not and it’s also not as difficult as it seems. Here’s some of my easy and simple basic make-up tips for the everyday women.

Wash and Clean-

I’m sure you hear it all the time, but the most important thing that I can tell anyone about make-up is the skin underneath it all. Wash your make-up off every night* and if you tend to have oily skin, wash your face every morning before you reapply your make-up, it helps assure that your make-up will maintain throughout the day.

*Once I adopted this into my lifestyle my skin noticeably changed.


The thing about foundation is, it’s a pain in the butt to find the correct color. This then leads to the dark face/white neck syndrome which is not very attractive. I’ve found the absolute best way to fix this problem it to buy more than one color. (It’s double the price but it will last twice as long.) Get a shade darker than your skin and a shade lighter and then mix the two for the perfect color combo. If you guys are anything like me then you probably have foundation sitting in your make-up drawer that is either too light or too dark that you are unable to use. I mix my expensive primer/foundation with a drugstore brand, therefore I’m getting the benefits of my expensive foundation while preserving it for a longer duration of time.

When applying foundation use a brush as opposed to fingers to avoid unwanted dirt and oils on your face.

Foundation Brush

Foundation Brush

Blend your skin with a Face Blender after applying foundation to avoid unevenness.


Face Blender

Highlighting and Contouring-

Highlighting and contouring on your face can mean a world of difference. Below is a picture of what places to highlight and contour for best results. You should be using two different brushes for your highlighting and contouring as well as making sure you are using the proper sized make-up brushes. (I will go more into brushes in another post.)

highlight and contouring

Highlighting and Contouring demo


Cover those blemishes and dark spots with concealer. Just be sure to put on your concealer on after your foundation, if you do it in reverse you will wipe off all the concealer when applying your foundation.


Until recently I was a lip-gloss queen. I didn’t leave the house unless you could see my lips shining from space. That is until I realized how much a little color on the lips can help define your lips and finish off your look. I did however find it difficult to find the perfect color so I started mixing and matching my colors to find the perfect hue. See my go-to lip stain collection below. I rarely wear just one color.


Mix and Match Lip Sticks and Stains

Lip tip: Add a little bit of white liner directly above your top lip. It’s helps to define the shape of your top lip while also making it appear larger.


That’s all for now, I didn’t want to overload your guys but I have plenty more make-up tips and tricks to help make all of us as fabulous as we can be!

See all my Make-Up Diaries here.

Tara Wikoff | CW44 Tampa Bay


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