The Hollywood Foreign Press Association will be announcing the winners of the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards Sunday night. Usually the Globes would get all the attention for themselves, but the Oscars crashed the party announcing their nominations yesterday. Obviously some of the thunder has been stolen from the Globes, but there is still excitement for the biggest party in Hollywood Sunday night. Here are the four things to keep an eye on at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

1. Girl Power. This year in cinema was filled with premium female performances. From Anne Hathaway’s role as the doomed Fantine to Jennifer Lawrence’s troubled widow, the year was rich with powerful performances from the ladies. I’ve gone a record saying that Jessica Chastain’s acting job in Zero Dark Thirty is the best acting I’ve seen all year and that includes Daniel Day-Lewis. Don’t forget about Chastain’s director Kathryn Bigelow, who has a great chance at taking home a Globe herself. Speaking of that category.

2. Best Director. Since the Oscars totally screwed up this category with their nominations, I have some advice for movie lovers. Who ever wins Best Director at the Globes, treat them as the Best Director of the year. I have never seen a category more stacked with talent than this one. Steven Spielberg(Lincoln), Kathryn Bigelow(Zero Dark Thirty), Quentin Tarantino(Django Unchained), Ang Lee(Life of Pi), and Ben Affleck(Argo). It’s a who’s who of top filmmakers. I would love to give this award to Tarantino for the wild ride he took us on in Django Unchained, but I keep coming back to Ang Lee. Life of Pi was a huge overseas success and it is the Hollywood Foreign Press Association who is voting. Plus people said the book could not be adapted to the big screen, to which Lee proved wrong. Truth is everyone one of these Directors deserves a strong argument for this award.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio. Here’s another actor whose name was not called during the Oscar Nominations. Many believed Leonardo DiCaprio’s villainous role in Django Unchained deserve to be nominated for an Oscar instead of the other actors in the category, who all have statues on their shelves. So DiCaprio has all of a sudden become the sentimental pick in the Supporting Actor Category. I hate to burst your bubble people, but it’s not going to happen. The votes were cast way before Leo’s snub by the Academy. I’m a huge DiCaprio fan, but I have gone on record saying his acting job was the third best in his own movie. Both Samuel L. Jackson and my pick to win, Christoph Waltz gave better performances.

4. Best Actor in Motion a Picture – Drama. Will anyone be able to beat Daniel Day-Lewis’s portrayal of Lincoln? The quick answer. No! The only thing the other nominees in this category will be getting is drunk at the Golden Globes. DDL has this one and the next in the bag. Let’s hope the guy has a couple of drinks before he gets up to accept his award because the guy looked nervous at the Critic’s Choice awards. Don’t be nervous Daniel. You’re acting royalty and we love you!

Hit me up on Twitter @CW44CouchPotato or  Facebook and let me know who you think will win at 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards Sunday night.


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