Season 1, Episode 2

Everyone’s lying like Pinocchio in this week’s episode of The Carrie Diaries. If Carrie wants to juggle her internship, family, relationship and life in Manhattan, she’s going to have to do some serious damage control from time to time. However, her damage control tactics might be getting the best of her. Carrie quickly must learn the daily trials of being an adult that includes a lie or seven from time to time. During her quest to impress Larissa and keep her internship stable, Carrie leaves her audience wondering if she can get her purse to the photo shoot and make it back to the office without getting caught by “bitchy Barbara,” her internship adviser. Although Carrie has an obvious drive to manage all her engagements, I can’t help but wonder when Carrie is going to stop worrying about pleasing everyone and come clean to her father about her secret trips in Manhattan that make her so happy and connect the audience to the Carrie in New York that we all know and love: full of fashion and excitement.

Carrie’s excitement back home certainly keeps to the high school tradition. Drama, drama, drama. Donna LaDonna and Sebastian challenge Carrie’s confidence daily. Donna’s character may obviously have Carrie’s worst interests at heart, but where does Sebastian stand in Carrie’s world? Are the two teens a couple or “friends who flirt?”  Sebastian seems like a decent guy, but I feel trouble brewing in the coming episodes. Soon, Carrie might be quoting Taylor Swift: “I knew you were trouble when you walked in.”

What did you guys think about the latest episode?


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