The Carrie Diaries – Episode 6 Review

Thanksgiving brings out the craziest in all of us. From obsession over our team winning the annual football games or to making the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, we all have our traditions. In the Bradshaw house, it’s Carrie vs. Dorritt as much as it’s Patriots vs. Cowboys.

Carrie’s bent on making the perfect Thanksgiving happen and Dorritt’s bent on destroying it. I must commend Dorritt for her attempts at bringing down Carrie’s misplaced confidence this holiday. It certainly is a huge task for a first time cook to take on Thanksgiving and things certainly didn’t go her way. (*Sidenote- Is this why Carrie never cooks in the SATC series? Did the torture of cooking Thanksgiving dinner at age 17 ruin her for life? We all know older Carrie used her stove to store her sweaters. LOL)  We proceed — The real issue was Dorritt, who ruined the recipes, stole the cookbooks and smoked pot all day. Even though Carrie ruined dinner and almost burnt down her house, the Bradshaw Thanksgiving still went as usual and the sisters felt the presence of their dearly departed mother just as they wanted.

Even if the food is supposed to be the best part about Thanksgiving, my favorite part was Carrie’s green dress. I guess the 80’s aren’t as outrageous for fashion as I thought. The green number with black polka dots and strategic cutouts is one of Carrie’s best dresses so far. And thank goodness for her fashion sense since she had two boys to entertain this holiday. George is clearly the most adorable Manhattan boyfriend Carrie could ever find, but she can’t seem to stay away from Sebastian! Do I smell a love triangle brewing? I hope so!

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