Sunday is the big night in Hollywood. The Oscars is the culmination of the movie awards season. Dreams will be fulfilled, stars will be born and some will go home heartbroken. Overall I thought this was a great year for movies, with crowd pleasers and legitimate box office hits in the mix for the best picture award. So now its time for my predictions for Tinseltown’s big night. I’m not going to give you every award prediction because quite frankly, I know you don’t give a hoot about sound editing or best foreign film. By the way the Best Foreign Film Oscar will go to Amour, the one movie I didn’t see this year. So without further ado, here is my picks for the 85th Academy Awards.

Best Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway

Unless the Academy received copies of Bride Wars, there is no way Anne Hathaway doesn’t walk away with the Oscar for her heartbreaking role of Fantine in Les Misérables. The only criticism some may have towards Hathaway is the amount screen time she’s has in the Best Picture nominee. I agree she’s only in the film for about twenty minutes, but man does she sing her heart out and make the most of those few minutes. If I had it my way Anne Hathaway would have been nominated in this category twice. One nod for Les Misérables and another for her scene stealing performance in The Dark Knight Rises which has all been forgotten at this point.

Best Supporting Actor – Christoph Waltz

This is the most competitive category of the night with all five nominees being deserving of the award. All five actors have Oscars already so we will see no sentimental pick chosen. My pick is still Waltz who was such a presence in Django Unchained. Some may argue Jones or Hoffman, but Waltz stole the show again for Tarantino. Hopefully this will be one of the two Oscars Django Unchained should receive with the other being Best Original Screenplay.

Best Actor – Daniel Day-Lewis

Unless John Wilkes Booth rises from the grave and mistakes DDL for our 16th president, there is no way Daniel Day-Lewis won’t walk away with this award for his role in Lincoln. He is the only sure thing of the night. Bet the house, farm and kids college fund on it. It’s a shame that Bradley Cooper won’t win because he gave such a great performance in Silver Linings Playbook. The only thing the other nominees in the category will be getting is drunk.

Best Actress – Jessica Chastain

This is a two-horse race that will need a photo finish. Jennifer Lawrence has come on strong in the final turn, but I still think Chastain gave the performance of the year in Zero Dark Thirty. Chastain shined as a totally different character from her Oscar nominated role in The Help last year. Also the fact that most people don’t think of pretty little red heads as tough as nails spy makes the performance all the more powerful.

Best Director – Ang Lee

This is the one category I really have no clue on. The Academy thier infinite wisdom though it would be a good idea to exclude Affleck, Tarantino and Bigelow from this category which is actually the real story. Sorry Michael Haneke and Benh Zeitlin, but you don’t deserve to be there. I think the one person that sticks out is Ang Lee for Life of Pi. Life of Pi was deemed unfilmable and Lee proved them all wrong. Hopefully the Academy will make up for the snubs in this category and reward the most deserving one left.

Best Picture – Argo

I enjoyed Django Unchained the most, thought Zero Dark Thirty was the best, but neither will win. Argo will be the film that’s name will be called at the end of the night. I did love Argo as well and overall it was the biggest crowd pleaser of the year. It may have not been the film I liked the best this year, but it will be the one that will win. It will be nice to Ben Affleck get rewarded after he was so unceremoniously snubbed in the Best Director Category.

Best Animated Feature – Wreck-It Ralph

Best Visual Effects –  Life of Pi

Best Adapted Screenplay – Silver Linings Playbook

Hit me up on Twitter @CW44CouchPotato or Facebook and let me know who you think will win at 85th Annual Academy Awards Sunday night.


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