The theme on this week’s episode of The Carrie Diaries was Sparkles and Breakups. The girls of The Carrie Diaries hit the school dance with sparkles and sequins like we’ve never seen on them before.  And surprisingly this time, Carrie isn’t the best dressed of the bunch.  Maggie has actually taken over the reins of most fashionable in her mixed hues sparkling mini dress. The blues shine and sparkle as she dances solo on the dance floor while Walt is at home sick.  I’m proud of Maggie for still attending the dance even without Walt.  What I’m not so proud of? Her lack of willpower once the hunky cop shows up to shag and bail, per usual.  And since Donna caught her in the act, does that mean it’s time for her to come clean to Walt? I hope not.  Secrets are so much more fun than the truth!

Carrie knows a lot about secrets.  George doesn’t know she’s a virgin and he sure doesn’t seem to care.  After inviting George to the dance in an attempt to make SeBass jealous, Carrie gives George the oh-so-wrong intentions.  As if George didn’t notice SeBass and Carrie oogling each other all night, Carrie didn’t seem to notice George was getting her drunk and extremely eager the second Carrie suggested “getting out of here.”  Come on, Carrie! You know “let’s get out of here” means a lot more than “let’s go makeout in your limo for an hour” to an older guy straight out of the upperclass of Manhattan.  Sure, he seemed like a sweetheart the past two episodes; however, it was only a matter of time before George showed his true colors and agenda: “You can just take care of me!” Congratulations, Bradshaw! You finally dumped a guy for treating you poorly and pressuring you to have sex (as if Maggie hasn’t been doing that all season).

All dolled up in their dance dresses, it seemed like a night they’d never forget.  And that’s an understatement.  Carrie broke up with George while making SeBass jealous. Maggie shagged the cop again and got caught by Donna.  And even sweet, ambitious Mouse dumped Seth so she could focus on her future and school. While Carrie and Maggie are clearly stuck within these paths, I think Mouse and Seth could have stayed together.  School is very important, but these two are adorable together and they are clearly smart enough to figure out a way to make things work around their schoolwork.  However, it looks like we’re back to square one with our Carrie Diaries’ gals.  And that love triangle has changed characters.  Now, the love triangle is between Carrie, Sebastian and Donna.  Hopefully this love triangle will last more than one episode! I’m severely in need of a plot line to survive more than an episode or two.



  • 80’s Fashion not so bad after all!
  • Carrie’s hair finally looks under control!
  • Carrie’s defying her dad! (YAY!)


  •  Tom’s failed attempt at being both mom and dad to Dorritt.
  • George’s cliche spiking the punch.
  • Maggie falling so quickly (again) under the cop’s steaming spell.

How did you really feel about George? Was he really any better than Sebastian in the end?

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Kristel Lugo/ CW44 Tampa Bay 


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