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The 4: Sacred Movies 2

Last November I wrote one of my favorite articles for CW44. ‘The 4: Sacred Movies‘ was a list of the four movies that should never get the remake treatment from Hollywood. They’re the films we hold sacred. The four films that should be left untouched and preserved just the way they are. The response was great from readers who shared their own sacred movie picks to add to the conversation. This week the sacred movie debate will surely fire back up with the release of Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Technically Oz: The Great and Powerful is not a reboot, but a prequel to The Wizard of Oz. If you read my first Sacred Movies piece, you know The Wizard of Oz was on my list. Sam Raimi is on thin ice in my eyes when it comes to revisiting the classic film, even for prequel purposes. Remember, Disney tried this before with the horrible Return to Oz back in the 80s. So instead of debating the reasons for making Oz: The Great and Powerful, I say we reopen the sacred movie conversation. Its time for ‘The 4: Sacred Movies Part 2’.


Credit: MGM

Credit: MGM

Gone With The Wind (1939)

This pick is dedicated to my mother, my co-worker Tara and all the Southern Belles who loved this movie. Gone With The Wind was Victor Fleming’s classic love story of Scarlett and Rhett set in the south during the Civil War. Fleming scored big that year. He won the Oscar for Gone With The Wind and directed another little movie called The Wizard of Oz. Just like The Wizard of Oz, Gone With The Wind still holds up as a film. The production value looks great 80 years later and the cinematography is still breathtaking. That’s probably why no one has tried to remake the classic, it’s still a great movie watching experience. I know some people get turned off by the four-hour running time, but that’s just ignorant in my opinion. If a film is engaging, I can sit there all day and watch it. Gone With the Wind may be the biggest chick flick of all time, but it’s also one of the greatest.


Credit: Universal

Credit: Universal

The Breakfast Club (1985)

Teenage problems and stereo types never change. There’s the popular kids, the outsiders and the jocks. Each of them hiding problems and negative opinions they may have towards themselves or others. The teen years, especially high school are always tough and that’s what makes The Breakfast Club timeless. It’s not about the era of time you are living in, it’s about the heartache you feel during that period. It’s about the five people sitting in detention on a Saturday morning and realizing they have a lot more in common than they think. There’s no reason what so ever to remake The Breakfast Club, because it’s still relevant today. We don’t need to see a new cast with the same problems the original group had. The Breakfast Club is the quintessential teen movie and should never be revisited.


Credit: Paramount

Credit: Paramount

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

When I look at Harrison Ford, the first thing I think is Indiana Jones. Sorry to burst your bubble Star Wars fans, but that’s my opinion. That is part of the reason Raiders of the Lost Ark is on this list. I don’t think there’s any possible way someone could embody the role of Indy like Harrison Ford did. Besides the casting, the special effects still hold up, as well as the white knuckle action that starts in the opening boulder sequence and never lets up. Plus do you really want to see someone other than Ford shoot that swordsman in the marketplace? — I didn’t think so.

Raiders of the Lost Ark had everything. A great story, a great hero and who doesn’t like seeing the Nazis get whats coming to them? If Disney ever decides to remake the classic, which they just gained the rights to, I would take Indy’s advice to Marion during the opening of the Ark scene. “Don’t look, keep your eyes shut.”


Credit: Universal

Credit: Universal

Back to the Future (1985)

Back to the Future is another film from the class of 1985 to make the sacred movie list. The reason Back to the Future makes the list is because both decades depicted are perfectly preserved on film. The film captures the 1980s with all its tacky glam as well as the clean and charming era of the 1950s. The special effects still work today, the McFly clan are great characters, and who could forget Biff. Back to the Future had a very entertaining and a well written story that appealed to audience members of all ages. Back to the Future is one of those rare movies that’s superb from beginning to end with a mix of Sci-Fi, nostalgia, action and laughs. The sequels may have not been up to par, but the original is fantastic as a stand alone film. Plus no one wants to see a time machine made out of a Prius.

Hit me up on Twitter @CW44CouchPotato or on Facebook and let me know your sacred movies. Also be sure to check out the original sacred movies list here.

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