Manolo Blahniks and Cosmopolitans finally make their long-waited appearance on The Carrie Diaries this episode.  Our beloved Carrie has broken so many rules and all that rule-breaking is paying off.

Everyone’s keeping secrets on The Carrie Diaries and the writers of the show think it’s time for EVERY SINGLE SECRET to come out.  Maybe that was a tad overkill, but it definitely made for an exciting episode! However, with all the secrets coming out and the rule breaking, it felt like this episode would’ve made a good season finale.  With Sebastien starting off the episode by dumping Donna, he shook things up by keeping Donna’s secret but also by letting Mouse in on one of his own secrets about still having a thing for Carrie (DUH!).  But it seems like Carrie couldn’t be any less interested in Sebastien right now.  She’s gotta better things to think about, such as her upcoming party in Manhattan with her fellow Interview Magazine co-workers.

Hitting the party with her signature big Carrie hair and a pink, sequin, one-shoulder dress, she looked fantastic.  I’m just hoping she didn’t pair those green Manolos with that pink dress.  There’s a time and place for pairing such off colors together.  This party is not the place.  I was a big fan of finally watching Carrie be free and enjoy herself at this party.  And then her dad had to go and ruin everything, again.  Can he please just become an alcoholic or something and disappear for awhile? I want and need Carrie in Manhattan to carry my interest! If he is forbidding her from staying in her rightful place, then he is taking the Carrie we love away just when she’s taking her first gulp of a Cosmo!

I really hope Carrie only becomes more reckless in the coming episodes and starts treading off to Manhattan in secret! Real secret this time, for about six episodes, please!

What did you think of this episode?

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Kristel Lugo/ CW44 Tampa Bay


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