Selena Gomez – Fashion Hit or Miss?

Justin Bieber’s former flame, Selena Gomez, tries a new look in her upcoming music video shoot. While she is still very young and has a nice body shape, the Spring Breakers star might have went too far into the past with this outfit.

Instead of embracing her youth and all the possibilities that come along with being a young star transforming her image, Gomez chooses the retro look for her music video attire. And not the best retro look either. This particular number ages her in the wrong direction and gives the illusion of a gut where there definitely is not one! The criss-cross top flattens her chest and adds to the child-like look Gomez is trying to avoid.

The entire point of doing a film like Spring Breakers is to break that little girl, bubblegum, Disney image! And she’s missing the point.

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While I still appreciate her lack of bare skin, I would like to see Gomez be shocking and adventurous with her fashion choices. She doesn’t have to be the wild child from Spring Breakers in real life, but Selena can certainly create a new image for herself solely on fashion alone.

What do you think of this look?

Kristel Lugo/CW44 Tampa Bay


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