This week’s episode is full of vulnerability. Finally, we find our favorite characters exposed and out of their comfort zone. But don’t fret! As usual, we are left with a happy ending!

Carrie doesn’t seem all that broken up about having Manhattan ripped from her fingers, but she clearly can’t hide her worry over Sebastien. And I have no idea why! Sebastien is being the best boyfriend any girl could dream of this time around. Why in the world is she crying so much?! She’s afraid their relationship is a ticking time bomb. Goodness woman! Just be happy that this guy is being good to you now and you can be the real Carrie! Honestly, she needs to fight for her Manhattan life, not this relationship. Sebastien is great, but we want Carrie Bradshaw in NYC, not Carrie Crybaby. Luckily, Sebastien sees through her silly worries and saves the day (and the relationship) once again! Sebastien just might be the right guy for her after all. He brings out the real Carrie and wants her to be the real Carrie. You go, KiddShaw! Also, huge shout out to the legendary Chelsea Hotel!

Credit: The CW

Credit: The CW

Speaking of historic references, the Rocky montage with Mouse and Donna had me cracking up. Mouse dawned the red jumpsuit and the training headband while training in a diner and eating raw eggs. YUCK! But seriously, Mouse, why are you so crazy about being #1? In the grand scheme of things, being #2 isn’t so bad. Be happy to come second to such a charming, young stud as Wes! He really is the total package, and I hope we see more of him in the remainder of the season.

I would also love for Walt to truly realize his sexuality! I guess it does take someone outside to bring out the inner feelings, but I never expected Donna would be the one to do it. Dawning her Victoria’s Secret pink lingerie, Donna finally brought out the truth about Walt and his distaste for the female touch. Maybe now that someone truly believes he’s gay, Walt will be able to embrace his true, awesome, fabulous self!

On a side note: Why does everyone want a piece of Papa Bradshaw? Seriously, who knew being a widower could be such a turn on?! Keep doing whatever you’re doing, Tom, cause it’s working. And thanks again for caving so quickly and letting our beloved Carrie get back into Manhattan.

As happy as I am that Carrie is back in Manhattan, I am a tad worried about that super “we’re all perfectly happy now” ending to this episode. It left me with two questions for everyone to mull over:

  1. Where’s Maggie and why didn’t anyone mention her?
  2. Why should I watch the next episode if everyone is so perfectly happy?

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Kristel Lugo/CW44 Tampa Bay


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