It’s Carrie’s 17th Birthday in this week’s episode of The Carrie Diaries! And the first question forced upon us, will Carrie turn in her V-card to Sebastian tonight? Our not-so-subtle Maggie sure hopes so and doesn’t mind planting the idea in Carrie’s or our heads.  However, to Maggie’s dismay, no one lost their virginity this episode. After all, it is Carrie’s birthday: “I get gifts, not give them.”

For her birthday, Carrie made all these plans to please everyone but herself.  She agreed to work the party for Interview Magazine, get Sebastian a plus-one to aforementioned party, and somehow hang out with her friends for her birthday as well.  Nowhere in her list of things to do for her birthday did she list off “Have fun turning 17!”  Poor Carrie! If you thought having to work on her birthday was the worst part of the day, think again! Sebastian, our resident sweetheart, bailed to spend the evening with his sort of estranged mother.  And although that meant Walt could take his place and a sweet moment could happen between he and Bennett, “All roads led to Sebastian.” Clearly, mommy was not being good to Sebastian because he showed up to the party for ten minutes and downed four drinks of what looked to be straight Tequila.  Now, before I start going off on how terrible Sebastian is being to Carrie, I might want to mention that Carrie was about to land herself a book deal on a fake book with big-time publisher, Tripp Ramsey when Sebastian crashed the party.  Not only did Sebastian show up drunk, he pretty much ruined Carrie’s biggest possibility for jump starting her career and becoming this new writing Carrie Bradshaw.  Carrie, please! You are a wonderful girlfriend for taking care of Sebastian in his not so graceful state, but for goodness sakes, dump him on Walt for ten minutes and chat up Tripp! Things could be so different now! But we wouldn’t want them to be.  Carrie is the sweetest person on the planet and even though her actual birthday didn’t go so well , the day after went fabulously with an adorable heart-to-heart moment with Dorrit and “Tempted.”

The other girls of Carrie Diaries had some adventures this episode too.  Possibly more exciting than Carrie’s.  Mouse found her Harvard twin in Stacy Ling.  Seriously, these two look like they could be sisters.  However, Stacy would rather relive her high school years and get to know #1 Thomas West and his popular ways.  No worries though, this “just another Asian girl” gives Stacy a reality check and brings her back down to Earth.  And Mouse might have found her “Harvard-Worthy Hook” in being the basketball team’s manager.  Maggie is in la-la-land after she tries to fix things with Walt and he apologies first.  It’s so easy to believe third time’s the charm, but baby-doll, Walt is playing for the other team and you two are never gonna get another run at it.  As much as I like Maggie, she needs to open her eyes.  My favorite part of the episode is Dorrit’s section.  She may be a rebel, but even wild girls can fall prey to the cute guy at the record store.  Long story short, Dorrit got her first kiss after bonding with a fellow thief and music lover who may or may not be like 19 years old.  Either way, it’s about time Dorrit got to have the cute moment with someone other than Carrie.  Hopefully, this guy will stick around.

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Kristel Lugo/ CW44 Tampa Bay


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