Ray J Claims He Made Kim K A Star

Kim Kardashian is targeted by former boyfriend Ray J in his new song titled “I Hit It First.”

Photo Credit: Ray J Via Instagram

Photo Credit: Ray J Via Instagram

Ray J, Kim Kardashian’s ex, seems a little heated and jealous by Kim’s current relationship and soon ex-husband, NBA player Kris Humphries. Ray J’s release of the new song and album cover has gone viral, and the question is, what is the real story behind this song?  R&B singer Ray J boasts about igniting  Kim’s career with the release of an intimate sex tape in 2007 and claims that he “hit it first.” Ew!

“She might move on to rappers and ball players but we all know I hit it first … But now baby chose to go West,” Ray J boasted in his lyrics.  After a heated discussion by Orlando and The Freakshow on  Wild94.1  this morning, it is clear that this was a bad career move for Ray J.

Maybe Ray J is bitter, or maybe he is trying to regain relevance in the music industry and he doesn’t miss Kim Kardashian at all. Either way, he has certainly created some media buzz and, to some, a controversial situation for himself and his career. Fans of Kanye and Kim are hoping for a “diss” song by Kanye, who is known to verbally defend himself and is always ready with an opinionated outbursts.

If I were Ray J, I would be extremely embarrassed. Kim is happy and is a mommy-to-be and you’re biggest burn is that you “hit it first”?! Come-on Ray J, that is high-school stuff!

Should Kanye retaliate? Listen to Ray’s new song “I Hit it First” here and tell us if you would fight back!

Ashli Redd/ CW44 Tampa Bay

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