Season one of The Carrie Diaries has finally come to a close and there was no shortage of drama. Carrie and Sebastian break up and get back together twice in this episode alone, Walt is pushed out of the closet by a surprisingly homophobic or scared Maggie, and Dorrit loses her virginity to Miller after about two seconds of dating! Although it remains clear that things will never be the same for Carrie in Castlebury, it is unclear where things are going from here and what the tentative season two has in store.

Photo: Patrick Harbron/The CW

Photo: Patrick Harbron/The CW

One thing’s for sure, the ruthless and backstabbing Maggie will no longer play the best friend role anymore. She might not even be a part of the next season with the magnitude of drama she created. Her character had a lot of potential all season as the “Samantha” of the group, but Samantha was always a great friend that would never cross such territory as ex-boyfriends or homophobia. Whether she comes back or disappears, I think it’s for the best that Carrie steer clear of a toxic friendship like that.

What we’re less sure about: where and when the next season will take place.  It’s clear by the ending of the episode that Carrie and Walt are indeed spending the summer living in Larissa’s apartment while she vacations in China or wherever.  But does that mean the next season will start right where they left off like the book Summer and the City? Or will the show skip eight weeks ahead and start off back in Castlebury for Carrie’s senior year? No matter which scenario, we haven’t seen the last of Sebastian. Regardless of his horrible timing and self-loathing behavior, he was a perfect gentlemen to Carrie and a great boyfriend (for the most part). Unless Carrie meets Mr. Big during her summer in the city, I think she will continue to love and want Sebastian all summer leaving the window for reconciliation wide open.

Photo: Patrick Harbron/The CW

Photo: Patrick Harbron/The CW

Speaking of Mr. Big, where was the cultivating moment at the end of the episode where Sex and the City jumps to the fore? I was desperately waiting for the end of the episode to introduce a character from Sex and the City such as Charlotte or Samantha! With all the buzz about the presence of the show and the ways The Carrie Diaries pays tribute, I figured we’d see more than the pink tutu dress and Carrie on a typewriter in Manhattan.  

Even if the finale didn’t live up to its expectations, there’s always hope the show gets picked up for a second season and the format of the show will change. The Carrie Diaries has oodles of potential and plenty of time to redeem itself if given the opportunity. Carrie Bradshaw will always be Carrie Bradshaw, even if she needs to do some serious soul searching with her gay best friend to get there.

Do you want The Carrie Diaries to return for a second season in the fall?

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Kristel Lugo/CW44 Tampa Bay


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