I love fashion, the problem there is it’s an expensive hobby. That’s why I’ve learned over the years to get creative and to recreate pieces of clothing in my wardrobe. Spending $250 on a pair of jeans is just not going to work for me and with stores like JC Penney, Target, Forever 21 and Old Navy (the 4 stores 90% of my clothing comes from) you don’t have to spend a fortune to look like one. All you have to do is have some creativity.

If you’ve read any of my What’s Trending posts then you know I love fashion blogs. The only problem I have is that most of the time, the looks are not affordable or just not suitable for everyday life. I’m lucky enough to have a job where I can practically wear whatever I want everyday (within reason). So I figured I’d start documenting some of my outfits. So here it goes.. Week 1!

Monday- Yellow Birds

Outfit Photos: Monday

Credit: Tara Wikoff

*  Pants- JCPenney  *  Top- Target (old)  *  Jacket- H&M (similar)  *  Shoes- JCPenney (similar)  *  Bag- Onna Ehrlich  *  Lip Color- Revlon Colorburst, Raspberry Pie  *


Tuesday- Bright Stripes

Outfit Photos: Tuesday

Credit: Tara Wikoff

*  Skirt (actually a dress)- Target (old)  *  Top- Target  (I buy a size larger so I can tie my shirts up)  *  Shoes- JCPenney (similar)  *  Lip Color- Revlon Colorburst, Raspberry Pie + Maybelline, Color Whisper  *


Wednesday- Red White and Blue Polkas

Outfit Photos: Wednesday

Credit: Tara Wikoff

*  Skirt- Forever 21 (similar here and here) *  Shirt- Old Navy  *  Belt-  Forever 21 (really old)  * Shoes- Target (really old)  *  Bag- Onna Ehrlich  *  Lip Color- Maybelline, Midnight Red  *


Thursday- Chambray Burgundy

Outfit Photos: Thursday

Credit: Tara Wikoff

*  Hi-Lo Dress (worn here as a skirt)- Charlotte Russe (similar)  *  Chambray shirt- JC Penney (similar)  *  Shoes- Target (similar)  *  Purse- Target (similar) *  Lip Color- Revlon ColorStay, Fashionista  *


Friday- Shorts with Tights

Outfit Photos: Friday

Credit: Tara Wikoff

*  Shorts- H&M (old)  *  Tights- Target  *  Shirt- Target  *  Bag- Onna Ehrlich  *  Bracelets- Charlotte Russe, Target  *


Tara Wikoff/ CW44 Tampa Bay


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