If the Apocalypse wasn’t coming before, it sure is now. E! News is reporting that the infamous Paris Hilton has been signed to a record deal with Cash Money Records. My first thought was “Is this a joke?” and I’m sure that was your first thought too! You may remember Hilton’s first attempt at creating a singing  career back in 2006… it’s okay if you don’t, I think we’re all still trying to forget. She had one semi-hit of a song called “Stars Are Blind” and that was basically it for her singing career until now.

Photo Credit: Neilson Bernard/ Getty Imag

Photo Credit: Neilson Bernard/ Getty Images

Apparently she’s going with more of an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) vibe on this album, which may work out better for her lack of singing ability. Plus, EDM is huge in the music world right now so it makes sense that she would try to stay relevant with this new album. I mean, how else is the heiress going to stay relevant? Especially since we haven’t seen or heard much from her in the past few years.

There is no official release date for her new album but I’m sure we’ll hear something soon (don’t worry guys, we’ll keep you posted, I know you want to know sooo bad!). What do you think of Paris’ new album? Will it make you want to dance or make you want to cover your ears?

Ariel Schiller/ CW44 Tampa Bay


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