The CW’s Love Triangles

I love when people get so invested in their favorite shows that they argue with other viewers and defend their favorite characters and love triangles. The CW shows are known to create controversy between people who favor different pairings in the show. When I read articles about CW shows like The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, and Hart of Dixie the comments section always becomes a battlefield between people who prefer a different pairing.


The Vampire Diaries

Photo Credit: The CW

Elena and Stefan


Elena and Damon

Photo Credit: The CW

Elena’s love life is  extremely complicated; she is always stuck between the love of two vampire brothers. On one side, she has her first love, Stefan. Stefan is someone who lets Elena make her own decisions, but when Elena became a vampire, Stefan couldn’t accept the new her and kept trying to “fix” her. On the other side, Damon makes her feel alive and he is a better person because of her, but Damon has done horrible things to the people he loves. It’s a hard decision because both men have good and bad sides. It is up to Elena decide who is her true love.


Gossip Girl

Credit: The CW

Blair and Chuck


Blair and Dan

Photo Credit: The CW

Chuck and Blair have loved each other since the first season. There is no doubt that they were meant to be together, but they had a rocky relationships since the beginning. They both hurt one another. Dan and Blair couldn’t stand each other in the first few seasons, but in the fourth season a great friendship developed. They were there for each other and understood each other. This friendship turned into love in the fifth season. Dan was good to Blair, he always put her first. But Blair didn’t love Dan as much as he loved her. In the end, Blair picked Chuck but, of course, many of us would still love to see her with Dan.


Hart of Dixie

Photo Credit: The CW

Zoe and Wade


Zoe and George

Hart of Dixie

When Zoe moved to Blue Bell, she immediately had a connection with George. George is a sweet guy and he and Zoe have a lot in common. He is the guy Zoe has been looking for… but then Wade came into the picture. Wade and Zoe have amazing chemistry. He makes Zoe look at things from a different way and she makes him want to be someone better.


All these girls have the difficult decision of choosing between two great men that love her. Which is your favorite couple? Who deserves our girls’ love?

All photos are property of The CW Network.

Ana Christina Sanchez/CW44 Tampa Bay

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