By T.M. Powell

Why? Why? Why?….Why would you make a sequel to Grown Ups, one of the worst comedies of the last five years? I guess there’s two answers to this question. The first is some people are dumb and the second is a boatload of cash. As bad as the first Grown Ups was, the film made $162 million dollars at the box office. So just like an asteroid hitting earth, it only seemed inevitable that Adam Sandler and the Happy Madison crew would be back for another comedic disaster in Grown Ups 2.

Grown Ups 2 has Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock and David Spade back as the four dumb dads juggling their kids and wives on the last day of school. The dads decide to get into some trouble trying to recapture their glory days. I’d love to tell you there’s more to this plot, but there isn’t. Grown Ups 2 is just a continuous line of pee, poop, burp, fart and barf gags in that order. Even a deer and Shaq get in on the toilet humor.

As you can read from my description, Grown Ups 2 has not steered away from what brought them to the dance and it’s just as awful the second time around. It’s hard to believe comedians as funny as Sandler, Rock, Spade and James could come together to make two films devoid of any laughs. The only real winner in Grown Ups 2 is Rob Schneider who was left out of the mix this go around. Notify The Host and White House Down that there’s a new sheriff in town when it comes to the worst movie of the year and it’s Grown Ups 2.

If you’re a twelve-year-old boy with a lousy sense of humor, I’m sure you will love Grown Ups 2. If you have my sense of humor you will be covering your eyes and ears hoping this debacle will be over soon. Shame on anyone who spends their hard-earned American dollars on this unfunny comedy. I considered ranking Grown Ups 2 as the first film ever to cross the Mendoza potato line and give it less than 1 potato. Luckily Grown Ups 2 can thank Jon Lovitz’s performance as a perverted janitor that allowed the Happy Madison production to just barely stay above the line. Overall I give Grown Ups 2 only 1 out of 4 potatoes.

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