I’m officially in my senior year of college (When did that happen?!) and if there is anything that I have learned in my college years, it’s that while something may be a big deal at the time, it’s usually not that serious in the long run. If you’re entering college, almost done or graduated a while ago, you have to check out this list! Here are the 4 things that seem like a big deal in college, but really aren’t that serious in the long run.

1. Buying Your Books Right Away: You’re not in high school anymore which means most of the time, you don’t have to worry about having your books the first day of classes. Unless your professor tells you to have your book on the first day of class, don’t bother getting them ahead of time because your professor may even tell you that you don’t need a book listed on the syllabus (trust me it happens!).  Another piece of advice: you can usually find your books cheaper somewhere other than the campus bookstore. I say ‘usually’ because a lot of schools have rental programs for certain books that end up being a good deal, but otherwise, you should do your research on the books you buy so you don’t get completely ripped off.

(Photo Credit: PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP/GettyImages)

(Photo Credit: PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP/GettyImages)

2. Failing a class: Okay, so you know how I said that maybe at the time this might be a big deal and then afterwards it doesn’t suck so much? Yeah, this is the prime example of that. Obviously, I’m not saying you shouldn’t try your hardest to do well in school. If you’re in school, you should put in full effort (I mean you are paying a ton for it, so work hard!). But sometimes… stuff happens. Sometimes, personal issues might get in the way of school work. Sometimes the problem is class itself, whether it be a bad teacher or maybe you just don’t understand the material. Whatever the issue, failing a class can be fixed. You have the option to withdraw from the class, retake it with another teacher, or take a similar class that still counts towards the requirement. You might have to deal with your parents being a little (or maybe a lot) upset and you will have to work harder in the future, but in the long run, failing a class is a small part of the big, college picture. Do keep in mind, however, that most schools only allow one to three fails before they start charging you for retaking classes. Failing isn’t a HUGE issue, but keep it at that minimum if you do.

(Photo Credit: Huffington Post)

(Photo Credit: Huffington Post)

3. Having a high GPA: The only thing that a high GPA gives you is bragging rights and possibly admission into a good grad school. But if you’re not going to grad school and you actually want a social life, then you shouldn’t worry about having a perfect GPA when you leave college. Again, you should strive to do all you can in school, but things happen and sometimes you get lower than an A in a class. As long as you’re not failing every class you take (remember that minimum I talked about?) then you should be okay. I learned that it’s okay to graduate and not have a 4.0, but it is also a good idea to set a goal for yourself for graduation. For example you could set a goal to graduate with a GPA above a 3.0. That’s a good, achievable goal in my opinion and, at the end of the day, your GPA isn’t printed on your diploma, so as long as you try hard and you graduate with a solid GPA, you should be okay.

(Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images)

(Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images)

4. Relationships: Everyone thinks they need to graduate with a ring on their finger… well news flash, that rarely ever happens. Having relationships in college is a good thing, but they’re not always built to last. Most of the time college relationships are short-lived. I’ve seen relationships last anywhere from 2 months to 2 years, but each one is a learning experience that teaches the person what they want and don’t want in a future relationship. If anything, I would say that dating in college is good because of what it can teach you, but many college relationships aren’t that serious. My best advice is to not put pressure on yourself to find a significant other in college because you’ll end up not having as much fun when you go out with your friends. The relationships you should focus on are the ones you have with your friends anyways because those are the people you’ll stay in touch with the most after college and they may even help you find that significant other in the future… you never know!

(Photo Credit: Intimateweddings.com)

(Photo Credit: Intimateweddings.com)

Hopefully, this has shown you that college is an awesome time and that there are things you will stress over now that will not be that serious later in life. Just remember to have fun and do your best in school and if something happens there’s always a way to fix it. Leave a comment and tell us what you felt was a big deal in college, but isn’t now.

Ariel Schiller/ CW44 Tampa Bay


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