The Carrie Diaries: Season 2 Questions

With season 2 of The Carrie Diaries coming up I couldn’t help but think what’s in store for Carrie and the gang this coming season. Last time we saw Carrie she was about to start off her incredible summer living in New York City with Walt. Will it be as incredible as she thought it would be living in the Big Apple? Or will it be an incredible disaster? I’m excited to find out!

(Photo Credit: The CW Network)

(Photo Credit: The CW Network)

We already have confirmation that Carrie will meet the notorious Samantha Jones this season. At this point in time Carrie is still an innocent teenager so seeing her interact with the Samantha’s larger than life personality should be interesting to watch. Also seeing a young Samantha should be as fun to watch as the more mature Samantha was. There’s also been news that Samantha is the cousin of the love-to-hate character, Donna LaDonna. I don’t know where the show could go with this information but I think it could be an interesting twist.

(Photo Credit: HBO)

(Photo Credit: HBO)

In case you missed it in the season finale, we did hear mention from Bennett of the name of Carrie’s future gay bestie, Stanford Blatch. Maybe there’s something in the works to bring his character on in season 2? As a fan of Sex and the City and The Carrie Diaries, I would definitely like to see the development of Carrie and Stanford’s friendship.

(Photo Credit: The CW Network)

(Photo Credit: The CW Network)

What we don’t know is what will happen with Carrie and Sebastian, will they get back together or will their flame die out? Then there’s the question of what’s going to happen with Maggie, will her and Carrie make up? Is she going to smarten up and stop hooking up with the Sheriff? There’s even more questions about what’s going on with Dorrit and her boyfriend, and Carrie’s dad and his budding new romance. There’s so much to look forward to for season 2 of The Carrie Diaries so be sure to tune in to CW44 Friday, October 25th at 8pm!

(Photo Credit: The CW Network)

(Photo Credit: The CW Network)

Ariel Schiller/ CW44 Tampa Bay 


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