Sometimes, it is really tough to be a girl. Society always wants us to be so perfect… what’s up with that?! Now we know that’s not realistic… I’ve busted my butt in heels one too many times to think that perfection is possible. But there are some secrets that I’ve learned to help give the illusion of perfection; well at least until I trip over air and look like a total klutz.

1. Fashion Tape has become my favorite fashion secret! Thanks to a friend, I am obsessed with this hidden gem of the fashion world. It’s a stronger version of double-sided tape, essentially, but it’s worth the extra money (believe me, actual double-sided tape doesn’t work at all). This is perfect for a blouse that is a little too revealing or a dress with a plunging neckline. All you have to do is put the fashion tape in the crease of the top and, just like that, you have a more modest look. It can even help with keeping a button down shirt from pulling in between the buttons. Fashion tape has a bunch of uses that can help save your outfit from being a disaster!

2. Bobby Pins are a secret that every girl who ever took dance classes as a kid should know about. Bobby pins can help save any hairstyle from being a disaster. If you have bangs that just won’t go the right way, you can easily pin them back and keep them out of your face. Bobby pins can also help you create fun hairstyles that will stay in place all day.

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

3. Shapewear can be a saving grace, especially when you haven’t been able to hit the gym for a few weeks. Shapewear (such as Spanx) can be worn by anyone in any size and, even more recently, in any gender (they make them for men now too). Shapewear is a great tool that help smooth out anything from panty lines to that extra few pounds you can’t seem to ever shake off. I wouldn’t suggest wearing them all the time, but if there’s a special event and you want to give the illusion of the perfect bod, than Shapewear is definitely the way to go.

(Photo by Skip Bolen/Getty Images for Spanx)

(Photo by Skip Bolen/Getty Images for Spanx)

4. Denim has a hidden secret that people might not know: it can help get those awful deodorant stains off your clothes… but really who would have thought? I’ve learned to put deodorant on after I put my clothes on to avoid this issue but sometimes I forget and denim always comes to the rescue when I do. When trying this technique, use a pair of jeans that aren’t fresh out of the laundry so that you don’t potentially ruin a clean pair of jeans with deodorant residue. Next time you have deodorant stains on your clothes just remember to grab something denim and wipe your deo-stained shirt with the denim until it comes off… trust me, it works!

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Keep these fashion secrets in your back pocket for the next time you’re in a fashion bind. Leave us a comment and tell us some of your fashion secrets!

Ariel Schiller/ CW44 Tampa Bay 


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