Low expectations are exactly what the doctor ordered in the dog days of the summer movie season. The best films are in our rear view mirror and we’re left with the lower caliber movies that the studios dump in August. Quite frankly the way this summer has gone with big budget bombs, it’s no wonder movie goers are suffering from summer movie fatigue syndrome. That’s a real ailment, look it up. Having suffered disappointment after disappointment at the cineplex this summer it’s nice to have an unexpected surprise. Enter We’re the Millers, a raunchy road trip movie throwback to the rated R comedies of the 1980s.

We’re the Millers stars Jason Sudeikis as David, a small time Denver drug dealer who’s still living the bachelor life as if he was still in college. David runs into trouble and is forced to take a job smuggling drugs for his kingpin white-collar distributor played by Ed Helms. David devises a plan to create a fake family that border patrol will never look twice at. That way David can sneak the marijuana across the Mexican border hidden in the RV without a hitch.

The fun and laughs start when David casts his family for the drug run. David gets his stripper neighbor played by Jennifer Aniston to play his wife. Aniston looks to be having fun flinging around the four letter words and is involved in one of the sexiest scenes you will see in the theaters this year. Emma Roberts plays a street kid chosen as the fake family’s daughter Casey. Roberts shows off her dry sense of humor with the occasional inappropriate comment to make the family uncomfortable. Without a doubt, the scene stealer of We’re the Millers is Will Poulter, David’s lonely do-gooder neighbor Kenny. Kenny fills in as David’s son for the trip. Poulter is involved with some of the funniest scenes in the Millers, including a spider mishap and the funniest kiss scene you’ll see all year-long at the movies. Kenny is the innocent in a group of degenerates, which creates some big laughs at the expense of his feelings, love life and manhood.

The one negative with We’re the Millers is a common problem with all comedies – an inability to close the third act. Most comedies have issues crossing the finishing line without stumbling a bit and We’re the Millers is no different. The film can’t seem to match the laughs in the first in second act and the ending feels rushed and too convenient. That being said We’re the Millers still has a good deal of laughs that will keep you entertained for two hours. It’s not on par with The Heat or This Is The End, but it’s still raunchy rated R fun. Overall, I give We’re the Millers 3 out of 4 potatoes.

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