I think a lot of us go through “workout sprees.” These are times when we decide to get back into working out and get into the best shape ever… then… school, work, friends, and… life basically catches up with us. We “should” keep working out, but we decide that other things are more important and there is just no time (which is totally WRONG). The biggest investment you can make is in yourself, whether it’s physically, mentally or emotionally. I have found this to be true… if you “physically” feel better, then your mental and emotional health will begin to improve too!

Luckily, I have a friend who is studying dietetics in college and she has helped me jump back on the workout band wagon.   YES! I always feel so good after I workout, but I’m always SO hungry afterwards! I don’t want to stop by McDonald’s or some other fast food restaurant just because it’s “convenient” or “easy,” because that would completely defeat the purpose of my workout. So, the other day I texted my dietetics friend and she gave me these four post-workout snack ideas that I never would have considered before. Check ’em out!

1. A Simple Turkey Sandwich

Photo Credit: Ashley Damschen/Crispers

Photo Credit: Ashley Damschen/Crispers

This would probably be the most satisfying snack on the list after working out. The mix of protein from the turkey and carbohydrates from the bread is the perfect combination for an after workout snack. Add some lettuce, tomato (or any other type of veggie) and a low-fat vinaigrette to make this snack taste even better. It’s simple, yet satisfying and you don’t have to worry about gaining back all of those calories you just worked off! Just be sure to keep the sandwich small and avoid adding any high calorie ingredients, such as mayonnaise.

2. Rice Cakes and Almond Butter

Photo Credit: Ashley Damschen

Photo Credit: Ashley Damschen

I hadn’t tried rice cakes until recently, and they are actually pretty good! They’re light, crunchy and have the perfect amount of flavor without being too salty. Add peanut butter or almond butter for the perfect combination of sweet and salty without all that extra sugar and salt that is in things such as chocolate covered pretzels and kettle corn. Rice cakes are very low in calories, usually about 30-40 calories per rice cake, and they are filling. You can even add low-fat cottage cheese with some fresh fruit OR even a slice of turkey and reduced-fat cheese on the rice cake for a different taste.

3. Pancakes and Eggs

Photo Credit: Ashley Damschen

Photo Credit: Ashley Damschen

You’re probably thinking that you definitely shouldn’t be eating pancakes after you workout … BUT, they are actually a good source of healthy carbohydrates without being “too much.” Now, this does not mean you should add pounds of butter and syrup on your pancakes … instead, add some fresh fruit or a dash of cinnamon for flavor. For protein, eggs or egg whites are the perfect pairing with pancakes!

4. Light Pizza

Photo Credit: Ashley Damschen/Crispers

Photo Credit: Ashley Damschen/Crispers

If you crave something hot after you workout, then this snack is definitely for you! I will say it takes a little more time than the other snacks, but it is definitely well worth the wait. This isn’t your normal pizza, this is the healthy post-workout pizza. All you need for this snack is whole-grain crust or pita bread, a thin layer or tomato sauce, some reduced fat cheese, any veggies you like as a topping and some lean meats such as turkey or chicken. You can add some spices for extra flavor, but go for the salt-free or sodium-free spices. Portion sizing is the most crucial with this snack, one or two slices should be enough to re-energize you after your workout.

And there you have it! Four post-workout snacks that you won’t feel horrible about after you eat them! You could always go for the traditional smoothie, fruit and low-fat or Greek yogurt, an energy bar, or even some dried fruit and nuts if you don’t have the time to make the snacks listed above.

If you have any other post-workout snack ideas, comment below or on CW44’s Facebook or Twitter page!

Ashley Damschen/ CW44 Tampa Bay


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