The 4: Pattern Mixing Tricks

Pattern mixing is one of those things that when done right the payoff is major, but when done wrong it can be a disaster. A lot of people are intimidated by pattern mixing and most don’t even know where to start. I’ve been a fan of this trend for a while even though I was timid at first to give it a try. But I learned a few tricks and soon was on my way to mixing and matching all sorts of patterns.

Trick 1: Stick within the same color family. For example.. light blue and dark blue are complimentary colors… neutral colors are also great to mix, because they all match.



Trick 2: Stripes and Floral. When in doubt mix stripes and floral patterns. I especially like when the stripes are white and black/blue and the floral pattern is super colorful. It’s really such a classic look.

Trick 3: Use only one big pattern. A good way to gauge this is to stand a few feet from the mirror, one of the patterns should almost look like a solid.



Trick 4: Take a risk. Throw everything out the window I just told you and try everything. Sometimes things will work, sometimes they won’t but you’ll never know unless you try. Beth from is great at taking risks and they always pay off.

Hopefully these tricks will help you next time you’re in a pattern mixing bind. Just remember not to stress about it, fashion is supposed to be fun!

Tara Wikoff/ CW44 Tampa Bay

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