The 4: Secrets Behind “The Tomorrow People”

Robbie Amell is one of our favorites here at CW44. He’s handsome, he’s a great actor, he’s handsome and he’s actually a really nice guy (our boss met him and can’t stop talking about him… seriously).  Lucky for us, this amazing guy is starring in our new Fall show The Tomorrow People! But there is so much about the show, and Robbie, that we didn’t know. So here are The 4 things you need to know before the premiere of The Tomorrow People.

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

1. It is no coincidence that the star of Arrow has the same last name as our TomoPeople star. Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell are cousins (from Canada). But Robbie didn’t land his role because of brotherly love. Robbie worked with Greg Berlanti, the producer of The Tomorrow People,  on a previous project and Greg even helped Robbie get his Green Card… you gotta love a Canadian!

2. The Tomorrow People is based on a 1970’s British show with the same name. Although it is a remake, Berlanti wants his version to remain his own. He said, “We would like to be true to the spirit of the show, I think, you know. And certainly we have character names and things like that, but our hope is that we kind of evolve and it’s its own thing.”

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

3. The Tomorrow People loves a woman in charge! Cara, played by Peyton List, is one badass chick. She doesn’t shy away from a fight. Julie Plec, The Tomorrow People’s exec-producer, says her character is a “no nonsense, take no prisoners, can really, really, really kick butt, is a very strong heroine… it’s a great character for a woman.” She sounds amazing! It’s great to see a woman take charge and stand her ground.

4.  Some episodes of The Tomorrow People will be standalone. Each episode of the show will contribute to the storyline, but some are meant to tell back story rather than provide story progression. Greg Berlanti explained this further. He said, “We’ll be doing a couple different things that make it hopefully standaloney …. One of the things we’ll be doing is we slowly dole out the histories and the breakout stories of the different individuals … and so we’ll be telling little mini-flashback stories that kind of tell a story about how they, kind of, ultimately joined The Tomorrow People.” This is a very different approach from most of what we see on The CW, but it sounds like a great way to approach this show.

If that didn’t make you excited for The Tomorrow People, then I don’t know what will! Be sure to tune in to the premiere of The Tomorrow People on Wednesday October 9th at 9pm on CW44… we love you Robbie!

Vanessa Rao/ CW44 Tampa Bay

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