Weeks ago, we brought you exciting news from The CW Upfront. We told you about our new shows and new stars, but we also gave us a sneak peek at the future. The future is CWSeed!

Photo Credit: facebook.com/CwSeed

Photo Credit: facebook.com/CwSeed

CWSeed was launched last week and our CW44 crew has already lost enjoyed hours watching the online shows. The Seed is described as “The CW’s new digital-only network. It’s where we blur the line between television and the web and experiment with high-quality original series in smaller sizes. Basically, it’s where we go digging for what’s next.”

Photo Credit: facebook.com/CwSeed

Photo Credit: facebook.com/CwSeed

CWSeed features 7 shows that appeal to any audience. Backpackers is about two average Joes who vacation together… in amazing places like Paris and Rome! Husbands, written by Buffy and Game of Thrones writer Jane Espepson, is an award-winning comedy featuring comedy favorite Seth Green. The 90’s are back with this one… Stupid Hype has that late-night comedy feel that kinda confuses you but makes you want more! And keep an eye open for guest appearances from some awesome celebs on Stupid HypeCelebTV gives you everything you need  to know about CW stars and shows.

All I can say is log on and check it out. There is so much entertainment going on at cwseed.com so start watching! New episodes are added weekly.

Tell us which show is your favorite in the comment section!

Vanessa Rao/ CW44 Tampa Bay


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