If you didn’t already realize the summer movie season was over, you soon will with lackluster releases like Closed Circuit staring Eric Bana. A film that is the prototype for movies that are dumped in the dog days of August. A dull film that leads the audience to ask, “Who decided to make this movie?” Luckily for the creators, I doubt anyone will want to spend their hard-earned money on this waste of time. Especially after they read this review.

I’m going to make this short and (un)sweet. The creators of Closed Circuit didn’t seem to care about entertaining the audience, so I’m not going to take a lot of time to review this boring and bad film. Closed Circuit centers around a terrorist attack in London that may have been a secret government conspiracy. Two British lawyers (Eric Bana & Rebecca Hall) or whatever fancy name England uses for their attorneys are assigned to the high-profile case. Did I mention the two lawyers are former lovers. Yawn! Been there, seen that in countless other courtroom dramas. The two get tangled in the web of deception in the legal system, while trying to outrun government agents who want to keep their actions covered up.

Closed Circuit goes nowhere and takes its sweet time doing it. For a movie that was 96 minutes long, I felt as if I had sat through The Lord of the Rings back to back. I didn’t even get why the movie was named Closed Circuit. The title had nothing to do with the plot. The movie should have been called dumb lawyers run around and get nothing accomplished. The ending of Closed Circuit has no pay off and is the most anti-climatic conclusion in a film all year. The sub-plots are pointless, the story lines don’t make sense and overall Closed Circuit is just a bad film. Overall, I give Closed Circuit 1 out of 4 potatoes.

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