A Fashion Staple: Button Down Shirts

A fashion staple is one of those things that never really goes out of style. It’s an item that you could potentially wear for years as long as the quality of the item is good.

Also for me a fashion staple is something that can be worn in various ways. Meaning it does what a staple does and holds my wardrobe together… I just made that up, but it sounds kinda true. My personal fashion staple is a button down shirt (chambray included)… this look is no longer just for men.

See examples of all the different ways I’ve styled this “staple” in the last month.

 …with a skirtTara CW44

Add a statement necklace around your collar to make your look pop.

Tara CW44

Button your shirt to the top button and add a fun necklace (like I did above) to give your shirt a different look.


Mix and match your patterned button down shirts for a fun look.

…with pants

Tara CW44

Layer your button down over a crop top like I did above to switch up the look.

Tara CW44

Button downs are perfect for work appropriate looks.

Tara CW44

Add some style to your button down by tucking in your shirt and adding a fun skinny belt.

…with jeans

Tara CW44

Layer your button down with a jacket to make the look perfect for Fall weather.

Tara CW44

Roll up your sleeves to make the look more youthful and less dressy.


Wear a more conservative shirt (like a button down) with short shorts to make the look more age appropriate.

What is your fashion staple?

Tara Wikoff/ CW44 Tampa Bay

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