The Queen Latifiah Show Premiere Week (9/16 – 9/20)


Monday, September 16

“Queen’s Premiere Week: John Travolta, Alicia Keys, and a Life Changing Musical Surprise”

The Queen Latifah Show kicks off premiere week with a musical surprise for Queen’s very first guest, John Travolta! Then, John joins Queen for a candid conversation about his career, his family and what’s next for this superstar. Find out the one thing John wishes he could tell his younger self. Plus, Queen asks friend Alicia Keys to help pull off a once-in-a-lifetime surprise for a hardworking music teacher and his deserving students.

Tuesday, September 17

“Queen’s Premiere Week: Will Smith”

It’s premiere week on the Queen Latifah Show! International superstar Will Smith opens up about family, fame, and his 20-year friendship with Queen Latifah. Will sets the record straight on his marriage with Jada. Then, Alex Trebek joins Queen and Will for a rap battle – Jeopardy-style! Next, Queen meets Taryn, one extraordinary military widow who’s made it her life’s mission to help other military widows. Watch as Queen takes Taryn on a thrill-seeking, heart-pounding adventure – skyhigh.

Wednesday, September 18

“Queen’s Premiere Week: Sharon Stone and The Soul Children of Chicago”

The Queen Latifah Show premiere week continues as actress Sharon Stone shares how her life has changed as mother of 3 young children. Queen challenges Sharon to a game full of fast-paced questions that reveal a side of the star you’ve never seen. Next, Queen gives 25 deserving kids from Chicago the opportunity of a lifetime – a chance to perform with her at Los Angeles’ famous Hollywood Bowl.

Thursday, September 19

“Queen’s Premiere Week: Jamie Foxx, Elisabeth Shue, and Tom Higgenson”

The Queen Latifah Show premiere week continues! Queen’s got one of the hottest, funniest men on the planet – Jamie Foxx. After catching up with this busy, hardworking Dad, Queen convinces Foxx to serenade a few lucky members of her studio audience. Then, Queen sits down with CSI favorite, Elisabeth Shue. Plus, an exclusive world debut from Plain White T’s lead singer, Tom Higgenson.

Friday, September 20

“Queen’s Premiere Week: Jake Gyllenhaal, Lisa Kudrow, and Celebrity Chef Anne Thornton”

Queen wraps up her All-Star premiere week with one of America’s favorite stars, Jake Gyllenhaal! Queen and her studio audience surprise Jake with something close to his heart – find out what they have in store for him. Then, actress and comedian Lisa Kudrow chats with Queen about her latest project. Plus, Queen and celebrity chef Anne Thornton show you 5 easy recipes to kick off football season in a delicious way.

Don’t miss this star-studded premiere week! The Queen Latifah Show airs weekdays at 5pm starting Monday, September 16th on CW44.

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