Back on Track Snacks

We are all back on track! School is back in session, vacations are over and we are back to work with absolutely no time to binge eat. When you’re back on-the-go, do you grab a cheese stick or potato chips to add a crunch to your lunch? There are plenty of snacks that won’t add on the pounds for all different types of eaters.

The sweet tooth:

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and no time to dice fruit up into tiny morsels and pre-package them into plastic containers, don’t turn to a quick candy bar, turn to Greek yogurt with fruit at the bottom! Mix it up for a medley of nutrients, protein, and satisfaction without the empty calories. Just don’t forget a spoon!

(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Cat Cora)

(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Cat Cora)

 The quantity over quality eater:

This eater doesn’t care what they’re eating, as long as they’re getting a lot of it! Sometimes cracking open a box of salty snacks can lead to destruction…of the entire box! Fortunately, we have a solution to this–popcorn! Fat-free popcorn is low on calories, low fat, and you can eat a lot of it.  Add a spritz of fat-free butter spray for extra taste with no added calories.

The sucker for savory:

I’m a sucker for savory! Mid-workday I’m craving a steak, but there’s no grill in sight. What about baby-back ribs? I can’t wear a bib at work either! The way I satisfy my savory craving is crackers and cold-cuts. A quick handful of Triscuits and a couple of slices of deli cold-cuts is quick, easy and overly satisfying.

What’s your favorite snack when you’re at the office, at school, or on your way out the door?

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