Will Smith Talks Divorce Rumors on “The Queen Latifah Show”

The Queen Latifah Show kicked off this week and let me tell you… the Queen has done it in a really BIG way! On Monday she had John Travolta as her special guest and on Tuesday she had on Will Smith. They reminisced about their days working together in the music world and on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, they also had a Jeopardy “rap battle” hosted by Alex Tribec. But what I found super interesting was when Queen Latifah asked Smith about the rumors that came out a few months ago that he and his wife (Jada Pinkett-Smith) were getting a divorce.

Smith seemed eager to set the record straight and even jokingly mentioned that Jada (his wife) was in the control room so he had to be careful about what he said. He says he was in bed (with Jada) when he got the Google alert on his phone about their supposed divorce. He reenacted the scene, pretending he was looking at his phone and then back over his shoulder where she would have been laying. He says that he jokingly said to her, “Where were you at yesterday?” Smith then goes on the say that he and his wife are doing well, but that “relationships are not easy.”

I have to agree, relationships are tough work, but luckily it was just a rumor and these two are doing OK.

The Queen Latifah Show airs weekdays at 5pm on CW44. An encore episode also airs the next day at 10am.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are both executive producers for The Queen Latifah Show.

Tara Wikoff/CW44 Tampa Bay

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