A Super Hero’s Super Workout

Sometimes, its hard to get motivated to get into the gym. It is so easy to become complacent and lazy… that is, until you see Oliver Queen with his shirt off! Nothing is more persuasive than a bare-chested super hero. Men and women can agree, this guy has one hell of a 6-pack! But there is no supernatural power at work here, the Green Arrow works hard to look that good. He works so hard, in fact, that Men’s Fitness Magazine created a workout inspired by Arrow, himself. The magazine breaks the workout down into 3 intense training days.

The CW

The CW


Day 1

1x 3 reps     Kettleball Turkish Get Ups

3x 20 reps   Lateral Box Jumps

3x 6 reps    Bulgairan Split Squats

3x 6 reps    Single Arm Dumbbell Chest Presses

3x as many as possible    Suspension Row

3x 6 reps    Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raises

3x 6 reps    Single Arm Lat Pulldowns

3x as many as possible    Hanging Leg Raises

Day 2

2x 6 reps    Pallof Presses

3x 6 reps    Push Presses

3x 6 reps    Single Leg Dumbbell Deadlifts

3x 6 reps    Standing Cable Chest Flys

3x 6 reps    Barbell Rows

3x as many as possible    Handstand Pushups

3x as many as possible    Pull Ups

3x as many as possible    Russian Twists

Day 3

2x 6 reps    Half-Kneeling Cable Chops

3x 20 reps   Kettleball Snatch

3x 6 reps    Barbell Squats

3x as many as possible    Pushups

3x 6 reps    Bent Over Dumbbell Rows

3x 6 reps    Single Arm Dumbbell Shoulder Presses

3x 6 reps    Standing Cable Rows

3x as many as possible    V-Sits

If you’re anything like me, you are currently YouTubing more than half of these exercises because you have no idea what they are… whatever at least we’re trying.

As you know, weeks are 7 days long, but there are only 3 days of training. Not to worry, Men’s Fitness dedicates the days in between as days of recovery AND skill development. These are the days when Arrow would practice a skill like jiu jitsu, archery and parkour. Fweh… I’m sweating already!

With the help of Men’s Fitness, we are all one step closer to that Oliver Queen 6-pack and deep V. For the full training guide, check out the Men’s Fitness article here.

Vanessa Rao/ CW44 Tampa Bay

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