Adam Levine Has Beef With Lady Gaga?

It seems as though Adam Levine has a bone to pick with our favorite meat-adorned, performer Lady Gaga because of her references to many pieces of art work in her new song ‘Applause’. The Tweets do not say her name, but she did assume they were about her.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

I never thought that Adam Levine would be concerned with Lady Gaga’s lyrics, but I guess he just can’t get that ‘Pokerface’ out of his head.

Adam’s initial tweet:

That didn’t quite get her attention (if it was about her), so he tweets AGAIN.

Adam Levine’s second attempt :

Gaga may have been busy prepping another meat costume when the initial tweet was sent, but she decided to respond to the second one:

Both of the artists seemed calm, cool, and collected because neither of them attempted to SubTweet each other for a whole 48-hours (that means indirectly Tweeting about someone for all your Twitter rookies).

A whopping three days pass by and Adam decides to send out this Tweet:

And then this final tweet takes the cake:

Not for nothing, but he really does not want to let this go! Is this Twitter brawl going to continue or come to a screeching halt? What do you think?

Kendra Salito/ CW44 Tampa Bay


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