By T.M. Powell

With his dry sense of humor and ability to play the funny straight man with a quirky group of characters, Adam Scott has become this generation’s Jason Bateman. Scott can come across as hilariously snobbish or awkwardly out-of-place just by saying the most obvious things that we are all thinking in our heads. At times, you want to laugh at his seriousness because you know someone just like him who gets so mad, but you never take seriously. Scott gets to show off all his deadpan comedy gifts in the new film A.C.O.D.

In A.C.O.D. Scott plays Carter, an adult child of divorce (hence the acronym) who has actually turned out pretty well. He has a successful restaurant and a beautiful yoga instructor girlfriend (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Things start to unravel for Carter when his deadbeat little brother abruptly decides to get married. This is when the show stealers of A.C.O.D. arrive in the form of Carter’s divorced parents played by Richard Jenkins and Catherine O’Hara. Carter’s parents are mortal enemies that have feuded for decades but must bury their anger long enough to attend their son’s wedding. Jenkins and O’Hara play the ex-couple as two very selfish, childish, inappropriately funny and often relatable characters. You want to smack both members of this doomed relationship because you have probably seen this play out in embarrassing fashion in your own life.

The script of A.C.O.D. was drawn from director’s Stu Zicherman real life experience with divorce. A.C.O.D. is billed as a comedy, but the laughs often have a hint of sadness to them. You can tell how much the King Kong and Godzilla of divorce have screwed up poor Carter. The guy is doing his best to be the grown up to his immature parents who think the world revolves around them. I’m not a child of divorce, but I saw many of my friends become the pawns in their parent’s game of revenge. A.C.O.D. does have its laughs, but you will be full of sympathy for the vicious cycle that is a messy divorce. Overall I give A.C.O.D. 3 out of 4 uncomfortable but funny potatoes.

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