Sometimes people just don’t understand the phrase “let it go”. Ricky Henderson playing minor league baseball, Pam Anderson in Playboy and Ric Flair wrestling in his sixties are all prime examples of people who can’t let it go. In Escape Plan you get a double dose of two stars from the past that refuse to ride off into the sunset. Stallone is back with his former governor buddy Arnold Schwarzeneggar trying to recapture their glory days in Escape Plan.

Escape Plan has Sly playing a security professional named Breslin who makes a living breaking out of high security prisons. Breslin gets an offer he can’t refuse with a job to escape from an off the books, for profit prison. Breslin is dropped into the secret prison and immediately realizes this is not what he signed up for. Breslin befriends another inmate (Played by Schwarzeneggar) and the two work as a team to bust out. As you can imagine, many one-liners and punches in the face follow.

The concept of Escape Plan is actually very cool. I’m not a conspiracy guy, but prisons like this totally exist so I enjoyed the idea of a prison for the worst of the worst. The problem is Stallone and Schwarzeneggar can’t carry a movie by themselves anymore. You would think after Bullet to the Head and The Last Stand that these two guys and Hollywood would have learned their lesson. The beefcake action charm worked in the 1980s, but the nostalgia has worn off today. Escape Plan could have been an entertaining action romp, if they would have recast the two leads. Overall I give Escape Plan 2 out of 4 over the hill potatoes.

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