Movie goers love watching old people act young and get into trouble on film. Grumpy Old Men, Tough Guys and (one of my personal favorites) Cocoon all pleased audiences with our seasoned film veterans not acting their age much to the audiences delight. In Last Vegas we have four senior Academy Award winning actors playing childhood friends who decide to have an old man bachelor party in Sin City that they will never forget.

Last Vegas has three friends (Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, and Robert De Niro) meeting up with their forever bachelor buddy (Michael Douglas) who has decided to tie the knot to a much younger girl. Morgan Freeman plays Archie, a recent stroke victim who feels like a prisoner of his over-protective son. Douglas proves that he can still play the snarky playboy perfectly as Billy, the groom-to-be. Even De Niro, who I have infamously deemed overrated in past articles does a great job playing the tough guy sour puss with a broken heart. You also get the still gorgeous at 100 years old (just kidding) Mary Steenburgen as a lounge singer whom the men lust over. I’m not kidding about Steenburgen. She gets more attractive with age. The A+ cast rises above the simple jokes and plot to give Last Vegas an extra boost.

What makes Last Vegas more than a run-of-the-mill buddy bonding flick is the performance of Kevin Kline as Sam. Kline is great as the bored and retired husband who gets a “hall pass” from his wife for the trip. Kline may be the least billed actor of the four, but he without a doubt steals the show and is the star of Last Vegas in my opinion. Kline has some of the best lines and scenes in the movie while he parties his way through the weekend. I forgot how great Kline can be and I’m glad Last Vegas gave him a chance to shine again. I wouldn’t have enjoyed Last Vegas as much if he wasn’t in the cast.

Last Vegas is a paint by numbers comedy that rises above mediocrity because of the actors involved. The foursome hurls insults at one another, but you can tell that they really do care about each other. Another thing I loved about Last Vegas was (spoiler alert) that no one inevitably dies at the end like most old-timer movies. Last Vegas doesn’t want to depress you, it wants you to have fun. Sometimes after seeing a lousy movie like The Counselor it’s good to have some simple fun. Last Vegas may be cheesy, but it’s also charming. Overall I give Last Vegas 3 out of 4 old potatoes.

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