Ladies and gentlemen, I have seen the worst marketed movie of the year. Going by the trailers for Delivery Man starring Vince Vaughn, you would think it’s a goofy comedy about a past sperm donor that finds out he has over 500 offspring. The lowly, meat delivery man meets all of his wacky kids and hilarity ensues with awkward “I’m your Dad” situations. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Delivery Man is actually quite serious at times and has a lot more heart and smarts than you would think.

Based on the Canadian film Starbuck, Delivery Man explores everything from our curious human nature, the nature vs. nurture argument, an individuals right to privacy and one’s right to the truth. David Wozniak (Vaughn) is made aware of the sperm bank’s practices and finds out that a large group of the children want their father to be revealed. Against his lawyer and best friend’s wishes, played by the scene stealing Chris Pratt, David sets out to spend family time with his children unbeknownst to them.

Instead of slap stick, getting-to-know each other comedy, you get some tender and downright sad moments with David’s biological children in Delivery Man. Unfortunately, here lies the problem with Delivery Man. The film can’t decide what it wanted to. Is Delivery Man a comedy? Or is it a serious film about finding your family and your right to privacy and information? I feel that studio executives looked at Vince Vaughn and said “Can we add in a few more jokes?” to appeal to the college age audience. My answer is no. Let Vaughn show off his serious side and cut out all the comedy except for the scenes with future breakout star Chris Pratt.

I really liked seeing Vaughn show off another side of his acting repertoire in Delivery Man. I knew Vaughn could make me laugh, I just didn’t know he could make me care as much as he did while watching Delivery Man. Vaughn proved he can be more dramatic while still playing the charming loser. I just wish the directors and producers did a better job of managing the tender moments with the jokes that sometimes seemed distracting. Some fans may be turned off by the more serious side of the story, but I applaud Delivery Man‘s attempt to have a heartfelt movie that makes you think.

Overall, I barely give Delivery Man 3 out of 4 stars.

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