Howard Stern is a master in the art of interviewing. He asks the questions that most PC interviewers don’t dare to ask, and somehow, he gets the dirty details.

Well not this time, Stern! On Monday, January 15th, Stern interviewed our very own Queen Latifah. Queen Latifah is a hard cookie to crack. She is very conservative in how much information she chooses to share with the media. Many of us have questioned the Queen’s sexuality, but to no avail.

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

As usual, Stern began to pry. He asked Queen Latifah why she chooses to keep her personal life so far under wraps. Her answer made complete sense. She explained:

“I don’t have to share everything that’s going on in my bedroom or other’s bedrooms. That’s not anybody’s business…. I’m comfortable with myself. Those who need to know, know. They know me.”

What a perfect answer! We get it. It really is her business and no one else’s. Stern, however, was not as cool with that answer as we are. He mentioned that, as a proud supporter for the rights of gays and lesbians, he “hates that people can’t live their lives openly.” But the Queen did not deter from her original statement. She said that she feels the same way and she also said that she is not ashamed of anything that she does. She says that she just likes the fact that she can keep some things private.

As a blogger that writes about celebrity gossip quite often, I wish she spilled the beans, but I completely respect and admire that she didn’t. Most celebrities are too open with their lives leaving little room for privacy. I’m proud of our girl for promoting that is okay to be who you are and keep your personal life personal. This is why we love our Queen!

Watch Queen Latifah be who she wants to be on The Queen Latifah Show weekdays at 5pm on CW44!

Vanessa Rao/ CW44 Tampa Bay


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