Loyal Supernatural fans… your dedication and fidelity has paid off! Not only is Supernatural returning with its 10th season (yes, 10 amazing seasons) but there is a spin-off in the works!

Photo Credit: The CW

Photo Credit: The CW

Ok, I delivered the good news, now comes the bad. Our beloved Jared and Jensen will not star in the spin-off show. I know… BOOOO! But they are just as excited about the new series as we are. Jared Padalecki thinks its awesome! Perez Hilton reported Jared as saying:

“I think it’s great. Episode 20 [of Supernatural] is going to be the launch of [the] new show, and I think it’s awesome. We’ve seen other shows on our network be able to have successful spin-offs. I think it’s a cool story to tell. Supernatural fans have spoken and said listen, there aren’t 100 million of us, but those of us that do watch the show are passionate and want to hear more stories and read fan fiction and be a part of this world. So I think it’s great. Anything that makes them happy. It doesn’t put any money in my pocket, but I think it’s cool.”

We think it’s pretty cool too, Jared!

Photo Credit: The CW

Photo Credit: The CW

Mark Pedowitz, the president of The CW, is unfortunately keeping a tight lip but he has leaked a few details about the spin-off. He says that the pilot of the spin-off show will act as Episode 20 of Season 9 of Supernatural. The show will be set in Chicago and there may be a character crossover at some point! Jeremy Carver, the executive producer of Supernatural, had little to say about the spin-off, as well. According to EW, Carver said:

“We’ve created a world that feels like the ‘Supernatural’ world yet has so much more story to be told that doesn’t trample on the mother ship’s terrain. You’ve got two shows that are going to be able to exist in total harmony, I think.”

We don’t know much about this mystical spin-off but we do know that we love it already! Keep in touch for more details as them come.

Vanessa Rao/ CW44 Tampa Bay


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