Movie Review: Winter’s Tale

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an early break out contender for worst movie of the year. Winter’s Tale is a ludicrous fantasy film starring Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay and Russell Crowe about miracles, true love and demons. Yes you heard me right, Russell Crow plays a demon who tries to stand in the way of true love shared by a thief named Peter (Farrell) and a dying rich girl named Beverly (Findlay) at the turn of the century. Trust me, Winter’s Tale is just as dumb as it sounds from my description.

I’m not sure what the filmmakers or the cast was thinking when they decided to make the boring and silly Winter’s Tale. Russell Crowe is downright awful as the demon Pearly with his goofy Irish accent. Will Smith continues to make poor career choices playing the devil Lucifer who wears a Jimi Hendrix shirt even though it’s the year 1915. Collin Farrell is the only actor worth watching on-screen, but he can’t save Winter’s Tale from its horrible story.

I’m still not sure what the whole point of Winter’s Tale was. None of the magic of Winter’s Tale is explained at all. It’s as if they forgot to add the prologue to Winter’s Tale or scenes were left on the cutting room floor that explained the supernatural. Instead we get a flying horse that sprouts wings and none of the characters of Winter’s Tale seem to take notice of the mystical beast. Winter’s Tale leaves the audience clueless with its mysterious events and forced chick flick clichés.

Overall, I give Winter’s Tale a very rare 0.5 out of 4 stars.

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