Liam Neeson has proved that life really does begin at 60. The man known for playing Oscar Schindler in Schindler’s List has had a complete kick butt action career revival in the last five years. Neeson has ruled the Dead Zone of movies killing Euro-trash in the Taken franchise and fighting wolves with bottles and duct tape in The Grey. The Irish actors films may have been a bit unbelievable at times, but the fact that Neeson is such a great actor he carries a sub par film to enjoyable popcorn flicks territory.

Now Mr. Neeson takes to the sky as Air Marshall Bill Marks in the new film Non-Stop. Bill has a ton of personal problems and now an anonymous killer is taking out passengers until a hefty ransom is paid. The inevitable game of mistrust begins where everyone on the plane is a suspect. The trailers make Non-Stop seem like Neeson’s past ‘punch you in the face’ action films, but Non-Stop’s pace is quite slow. Mr. Neeson’s fisticuffs are at a minimum in Non-Stop. Instead the punches and bullets are replaced by paranoid looks back and forth from the passengers, crew and the Air Marshall trying to unravel the deception. This in turn had me looking at my watch, wondering when this flight was going to be over.

As much as I enjoyed Liam Neeson getting a second life in the action realm, his act has become stale with films like Taken 2 and now Non-Stop. The film definitely keeps your attention even if you’re shaking your head at some of the plot twists. My biggest problem is when they evil mastermind is revealed, the vengeful objective seems quite ridiculous. Non-Stop isn’t the worse film out on the market right now, but it’s still pretty dumb. At one point Liam Neeson fends off a knife attacker with an oxygen mask. That’s what were working with during the Dead Zone of movies.

Overall, I give Non-Stop 2 out of 4 stars.

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