Need For Speed is the next attempt to bring a popular video game to the big screen. If the Fast & Furious franchise has taught us anything, it’s that people love to see shiny cars go fast. The problem is Need For Speed is late to the party considering their on number 7 in the F & F franchise. Plus if you were going to make a video game movie with no plot about fast cars, wouldn’t you choose Grand Turismo?

Need For Speed the video game didn’t have an elaborate plot. You raced cars to win races and unlock more cars to race with. So as you can imagine, the plot of Need For Speed the movie is weak. A street racer named Toby Marshall (Aaron Paul) is framed for a crime he didn’t commit and races cross-country in a custom Ford Shelby Mustang to enter an underground race worth $6 million dollars in prizes. Crashes, romance and bad puns ensue.

As great as Aaron Paul is as an actor, there nothing he can do to save this terrible film. The race scenes in Need For Speed are recycled from gear head films from the past. The characters are so annoying including Scott Mescudi (AKA Kid Cudi) who plays Benny the pilot. Mescudi is an early contender for my Jar Jar Binks award for worst character of the year. Stick to your day job Cudi. Plus a 130 minute running time makes Need For Speed‘s dumb characters are a chore to watch.

Aaron Paul, you deserve better than this after your first post Breaking Bad movie role. The streak of terrible video game movie adaptations continues with Need For Speed. Need For Speed is basically cars go fast and crash. Something we’ve already seen over and over again in the Fast and Furious franchise. The only difference is the F & F series is entertaining crap. Need For Speed is just plain crap.

Overall, I give Need For Speed 1 out of 4 stars.

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