The horrible hollywood teen novel adaptation train continues to roar down the tracks letting off mediocre films at every stop hoping to have the next Hunger Games or Twilight franchise. We had to endure The Host, was unimpressed with Beautiful Creatures and was bored to death watching Ender’s Game. Next up on the list is Divergent. A futuristic tale of class structure with indie princess Shailene Woodley in the lead as Tris.

Divergent is full of scenes ripped off from other movies that are significantly better than Divergent. In Divergent, you choose what type of person you want to be in society. Farmers, politicians, scientists and defenders are all possible choices. Sound familiar? That’s because it was stolen from George Orwell’s 1984. That’s not the only film plagiarized by Divergent. The teens make their choice of life in a ceremony where the only thing missing is Harry Potter’s talking hat. Then we are treated to cookie-cutter training sequences that are devoid of excitement through Divergent‘s bloated 142 minute running time. You could have easily cut out 4o minutes of the movie.

The biggest problem I had with Divergent is a surprising one – Shailene Woodley is terribly miscast in the lead as Tris. It’s not because of Woodley’s acting ability, she’s perfectly fine with her girl next door persona. The problem is Woodley’s physicality in Divergent. Woodley looks stiff and un-athletic in a role that needs a strong physical presence. There is no special effect to fix the way Woodley awkwardly runs when she’s chasing down trains and dodging bullets. Woodley is going to be a big star, but Divergent wasn’t the right role for her to excel in.

Overall, I give Divergent 2 out of 4 stars.

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