When The Muppets hit theaters two years ago after a prolonged absence, Disney caught lightning in the nostalgia bottle with the old furry puppets. The Muppets touched our hearts and tickled our funny bone while paying homage to the past while delivering something new. This time around in the sequel Muppets Most Wanted, all the great things from The Muppets are gone (Amy Adams, fun songs and Jack Black) and replaced by watered-down versions of its predecessor.

I’m not the biggest musical fan, but I’ve always enjoyed the song and dance numbers performed by the Muppets. Unfortunately, it looks like song writer Brent McKenzie may have run out entertaining song ideas for Muppets Most Wanted just as he did in season two of Flight of the Concords. The songs are quite lame and missing an acting powerhouse like Amy Adams to deliver the tunes and charm is a detriment. Instead we are left with Tina Fey doing a Rocky & Bullwinkle Russian Accent. Muppets Most Wanted opens to a musical number mocking the idea of sequels. Maybe Henson’s gang of creatures should have listened to their own advice.

As for whether your kids will enjoy Muppets Most Wanted – I took my six-year-old daughter who is the junior critic in my household. She’s a huge Muppets fan like me and she was totally bored with it. The first words out of her mouth when we left the theater were, “that wasn’t very good.” I couldn’t have said it better myself kid. Disney fast tracked this sequel looking for a cash grab, but if the word-of-mouth spreads on this one. The mouse could be left with empty pockets from Muppets Most Wanted.

Overall, I give Muppets Most Wanted 1.5 out of 4 stars.

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