Just when I thought I was finally out of the Dead Zone of movies. There’s the former Governor of California to sluggishly punch me in the throat and remind me of the type of movies that litter theaters the first quarter of the year. Sabotage is another attempt by Arnold Schwarzenegger to recapture his action star status from the 1980s. Sabotage may be further proof that Schwarzenegger’s days are clearly over as a top box office star that can carry a movie on his own.

Sabotage is a big loud mess of a movie that is really pointless when the credit finally roll. A covert DEA unit decides to steal $10 million dollars from the Mexican drug cartel, but is ripped off, then hunted down one by one. Excessive gunfire, head shots and a drugged up Mireille Enos make Sabotage a ridiculous watch. The twists are rather dumb and pointless. Most of the cast seems to be mailing it in on film for a paycheck. The cast including Josh Holloway, Terrence Howard and Joe Manganiello are so under utilized. These could have been fun roles to play, but instead they’re left to recite weak action one liners.

Then there’s Sam Worthington. This guy needs to thank his lucky stars James Cameron casted him Avatar because the guy has done nothing outside of that film. Worthington plays the same mad character in Sabotage as he did in Terminator Salvation, Clash of the Titans and Man on a Ledge. Only this time around he has a beard and a bald head. There’s a lot wrong with Sabotage, but Worthington’s performance stuck out like a sore thumb. Please, please, please let this be the end of the Dead Zone.

Overall, I give Sabotage 1.5 out of 4 stars.

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