We all know the sad news by now… “On March 11, BuzzFeed reported that Claire Holt had chosen to leave The Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals, after her 16-episode contract was up.”

At the time we weren’t sure exactly what the deal was because neither Holt or Juile Plec, the show’s executive producer, were talking. Well, of course that led to a lot of rumors about why she really left. Was she pushed out? Did she not like her cast mates?

So in order to set the record straight both Holt and Plec have decided to break their silence, speaking exclusively to BuzzFeed, in order to correct inaccurate reports.

“It’s ludicrous,” Holt stated of reports that the writers had run out of ideas for her character and forced her out of the show. “I want to be very clear that they didn’t run out of material, I wasn’t pushed out, I wasn’t fed up with Rebekah, I didn’t quit mid-season, there was no drama, there was no rift between cast members; it really came down to the fact that I completed my initial commitment and made a life choice, not a career choice. It was a tough choice that I didn’t fully make it right up until the end, because I was enjoying myself so much. But three seasons later, I realized I hadn’t been home to Australia in years, I hadn’t seen my family, and I hadn’t spent time with the people I loved.”

So it turns out she just wants more time with her family. When Holt originally signed up to do the show, it was supposed to be for a three-episode guest role – on The Vampire Diaries. We all know that those three episodes turned into 38 episodes and 19 more in a starring role in a spin-off show. It’s not exactly what she signed up for, but even she recognizes the significance this show has had on her career, “This show has been so amazing for my career, and I’ve had such unbelievable material, it was just never my intention to be away from home this long.”

We’re told Rebekah’s departure has really opened up the storyline and it’s going to lead to an intense Season 1 finale. Don’t lose hope Rebekah fans, both Plec and Holt have said that this is not the last we will see of Rebekah.

Read more on this story on buzzfeed.com.

Tara Wikoff | CW44 Tampa Bay


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