By T.M. Powell

Think Like A Man may have been a surprise hit that started a pattern of box office success for Kevin Hart, but it was not a funny at all. The stereotypical depiction of men and women and how they navigate the tricky sea of love was nothing we hadn’t seen a hundred times before. Everyone’s lives had a nice bow tied at the end with all the couples realizing they had what they wanted all along. What an annoying and unfunny batch of movie characters. Well guess what? All those humorless and unbelievable characters are back with Think Like A Man Too.

In Think Like A Man Too, the battle of the sexes moves to Las Vegas for the nuptials of single mom Candace (Regina Hall) and Momma’s Boy Michael (Terrence Jenkins). Regina Hall has the pout face on again for most of the movie as the bride to be showing zero emotions. I’m starting to realize that her acting skills are meant for the Scary Movie franchise she also starred in. She brings nothing to the role except a sad face. Not that there is any substance for Hall to work with in In Think Like A Man Too besides bickering with her mother in law.

Think Like A Man Too is full of dumb and over played bachelor and bachelorette party hijinks as well. At one point there is even a Bell Biv Devoe  “Poison” musical montage. Give me a break. If it wasn’t for my job, I would have walked out of theater at that point. Plus the later Hangover movies have sucked all the humor out of Vegas on film. It’s just a played out locale for a movie these days. Even the monsters of Godzilla went to Vegas. I felt bad for David Walton, Wendi Mclendon-Covey and Taraji P. Henson in this film. These three talented actors deserved better than this crummy movie. At least Miss Henson struts around in a bikini for a good portion of the film. That was a positive for Think Like A Man Too.

My biggest problem with Think Like A Man Too was the man at the center of the film. Kevin Hart is just not funny in this movie. We get it, he’s short. Women be crazy, we know! How many times does the mediocre Tim Story have to go that route as director to generate laughs. Enough with height jokes. Try something original with Kevin Hart, because him dancing around in socks and underwear talking fast is killing everyone’s sense of humor. Director Tim Story and Kevin Hart are perfect for one another. They are two of the most overrated talents in Hollywood. Some may say this film is not geared towards me. Hogwash! Funny is funny and I did not laugh once in the 106 minute running time. I should have known by the film’s attempt at comedy with the “Too” title, Think Like A Man Too would be no different from the last one.

Overall, I give Think Like A Man Too 0.5 out of 4 stars.

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