Rumors are circulating around the power couple after a very telling lyric change during a performance in Cincinnati this week.

Beyoncé, dressed in all white and accessorized with a lace vail, poured her heart into 5 minutes of heartbreaking performing. She sang Resentment, a song off her 2006 album “B’Day”. The song has always been a topic of conversation as it was written while Beyoncé and Jay-Z were together and the lyrics allude to Jay-Z cheating. But after her passionate and moving performance of the song this week, it is up for discussion yet again.

It seems Beyoncé strategically changed a line of the song to point out that Jay-Z cheated again, or rather has continued to cheat on her for 12 years – which happens to be the entire length of their relationship. Prior to the performance the lyric read, “Been ridin’ with you for six years why did I deserve to be treated this way by you.” In the new lyrics, that six was changed to “twelve.” 

Beyoncé changed another lyric, as well. There is a line in the song that says, “Like I couldn’t do it for you like your mistress could.” During the performance, Beyoncé changed “mistress” to a very clear and pronounced “bitch.” Her use of the strong word proves her passion and pain. Are these fresh wounds?

These subtle, yet telling, changes have created a circus of rumors concerning the Bey and Jay relationship. Speculators feel that these rumors are the reason why Solange went off on Jay in the elevator that night. Some say that Jay has been cheating with singer Mýa for years. Many believe that Rihanna is the “bitch” in question. Either way, all signs point to Jay-Z being a big ol’ cheater!

It’s evident that these two have had a rocky relationship for quite some time, but is the On the Run tour causing more marriage problems? See our post, Will Beyonce/Jay-Z Tour Cause Marriage Problems?, about our thoughts on the couples tour.

Click to see the video of Beyonce singing Resentment live; the lyric change happens around minute 3:20.

Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay


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