There weren’t many options besides actual comics and a few short-lived cartoons for fans of Marvel in the 1980s. My parents would search everywhere just to find a rare Secret Wars action figure in the bottom of a clearance bin. My how times have changed. Marvel is ruling the movie box office and you will have no problem finding Captain America, Spider-Man and X-Men toys for the kids (or yourself). Now, the heroes of the Marvel Universe can be seen right before your eyes taking on sinister villains in the live-action arena show Marvel Universe LIVE! from Feld Entertainment.

First things first, this is not Marvel on Ice. This is a live-action show with pyrotechnics, motorcycles, laser lights and huge removable set pieces, and it’s also appropriate for all family members above the age of 4. Feld Entertainment has had a successful formula in the past with Nuclear Cowboyz and Monster Jam and they apply this same performance technique to entertain the fans at Marvel Universe LIVE!. The show uses the most of the arena surroundings, swapping out massive set pieces to serve as different locations for our heroes to battle. Performers lower from the rafters, soar over the crowd and drive motorcycles around every part of the stage area. It’s like you’re going behind the scenes of your favorite Marvel movies to find out how they pulled off a big action scene. Kids may be watching their heroes fight it out, but parents will probably be interested in the production value and looking for heroes in the structure hanging above the arena to see what’s coming next.

Oh and did I mention all your favorite heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe are present as well. You get Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America taking on the evil brother of Thor, Loki who is collecting pieces of the cosmic cube. What’s great about Marvel Universe LIVE! is that there are no the film licensing restrictions that prevent Spidey from joining up with the Avengers or The Hulk fighting with Wolverine, it doesn’t matter in the world of Marvel Universe LIVE!. We get to see all our favorite characters join forces as a team to take out a band of villains including the Sinister Six, Hydra and A.I.M.. I don’t want to spoil too much for you, but lets just say The Hulk steals the show again with a little help from his buddy Wolverine.

Marvel Universe LIVE! is a great family event for fans like myself who want to pass down the love of their favorite heroes to their children. Don’t expect to hear serious dialogue or see an Iron Man Mach VII suit that actually shoots real missiles. The show is cheesy at times, but in a charming way. Marvel Universe LIVE! is more of a souped-up stunt spectacular show that performs in major theme parks, rather than a movie production with an intricate plot. Kids don’t want that kind of detail and quite frankly neither do I with a show like this. I want to see fight scenes, motorcycle flips, explosions and most importantly see my kids with smiles on their faces as they watch Thor raise his hammer. Luckily for me that’s exactly what happened when I saw Marvel Universe LIVE!. If you’re a Marvel fan like me with kids, take them to see Marvel Universe LIVE!, they will love it!

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