There are a few fashion tricks that I swear by and I love when I can create a new look with something I already have in my closet. I truly believe that style shouldn’t have to cost a lot of money, all you need is a little creativity.

I’ve borrowed some ideas from other bloggers and a few are my own. I hope these help to inspire you to get creative with your wardrobe.

1. Crop top- DIY

This may be the easiest DIY ever and it doesn’t involve scissors, all you need is a t-shirt, and maybe a hair tie.

The crop top look has been everywhere, but most of us are too afraid to buy one… well my friends there is no need, simply fold your shirt under at the length you want it and tie it up in the back, either with a knot or a hair tie and voilà… instant crop!

2. Backwards Belts

For most women, our waists are the smallest part of our bodies and we like to show them off… adding a belt to a dress or a skirt and top is really great for accentuating our waists and overall making us appear smaller. I like this look in general, but I don’t always love the buckle in front, or any leftover belt hanging down.

I recently started turning my belts around, and if I have leftover belt I simply knot it in the back. This trick works with wide or skinny belts.

3. Chambray- a new way

We all love our chambray and that’s not going to change, but we can change-up the way we wear it. Tie your chambray shirt around your waist for a different look. It will give your look that 90s vibe that we’re all loving right now.

4. Necklace Extenders

This is the only trick that involves purchasing something if you don’t already own some extenders, but I love this trick. Necklaces, the simple and the bold, are extremely trendy right now, but some necklaces just don’t fit right, and most are too short. An extender can completely change the look of your necklace, giving it much more versatility in your wardrobe.

Before extender-

After extender-

Do you like these tricks? Do you have any tricks you swear by?

Tara Wikoff | CW44 Tampa Bay





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