Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton take the lead in the new Rob Reiner film, And So It Goes about a successful realtor with a mean streak who has his world turned upside down when his granddaughter is dropped off at his doorstep. Douglas does have some funny lines and no one can play a slick jerk like him. The problem is the material is so weak and the direction of the film reminds me of something that would be on Lifetime. Old school fans of Douglas (like myself) will still find some charm in Douglas’ performance, but I have a feeling the younger movie fans will be wondering, who this old dude is and why do my parents think he’s so great?

Diane Keaton gets hung in the same predicament as Douglas in And So It Goes. Keaton is still one of the best actresses working today as her flirtatious persona still works in her golden years. Unfortunately, she has to work with the same lame script with plot twists you can see coming a mile away. Keaton and Douglas do the best they can with the one-dimensional roles and I can’t imagine what And So It Goes would have been like if both of them weren’t involved.

Someone should have let director, Rob Reiner know that And So It Goes is a film that probably should have been made twenty-five years ago. The paint-by-numbers romantic comedy with a sweet spot is your typical grouch meets granddaughter he didn’t know he had story. Insert heart melting scenes and you pretty much have the whole plot of the movie. And So It Goes does have a few giggles and cute moments, but for the most part it’s nothing special.

Overall, I give And So It Goes 2 out of 4 stars.

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